Tuesday, June 7, 2011


For years we have been warning our readers to not eat the mumbo jumbo of Fourth
Reich, the propaganda coming from Brussels. It affects your mind and eventually
your body through the mind-body connection. Now we have discovered that it's
the Brussels Sprouts, not the bean sprouts that cause E. coli!

Tests conducted on bean sprouts from a farm in northern Germany have proved
negative for E. coli. The agriculture ministry in the state of Lower Saxony said
that tests on 23 of 40 samples found them to be free of E. coli. But indications
are strong enough to suggest people avoid Brussels sprouts! German Consumer
Affairs Minister Ilse Aigner asserts that despite the negative intial tests, the
warning against eating sprouts and certain other vegetables remain in effect.

Brussels sprouts produce a form of cancer called Marilizardism! Marilizardism
is the cancer of cyberspace. Greece is a deranged Marilizardist country that has
been transformed from the cradle of democracy to the cradle of kleptocracy, has
a parliament of 300 hookers, forty ministers who are in power to get kickbacks
and terrorize dissident bloggers, schools that brainwash kids to hate Turks,
brutal cybercops, and hoi polloi addicted to iconolatry, nepotism, jingoism,
acrimony, vanity, and statism. http://venitism.blogspot.com

Barroso loves Brussels sprouts! Barroso's nightmare is the freakish October-18
mafia, which persecutes innocent dissident bloggers, using the cybercops as a
political tool. Cry Barroso! The shock and awe of the inhumanity, corruption,
Marilizardism, and Xenoyankism of the October-18 mafia has finally awoken the
European Commission.

Brussels sprouts is the official food of Fourth Reich! Fourth Reich is an
illegal confederation that has no voted constitution, a flag no one salutes, an
anthem no one sings, a Fuehrer no one can name, a parliament of prostitutes, a
capital of huge bureaucracy no one controls, a currency that soon will not
exist, rules of fiscal behavior that no member has been penalized for ignoring,
a commission which is the Eldorado of corruption, brutal cybercops, and
kleptocrats galore! http://venitism.blogspot.com

The way the Fourthreichian economy is going, Fourthreichians can only afford to
buy Brussels sprouts! Fourthreichian monetary unification is the Trojan horse
for overall harmonization of economic rules, policies, and laws in Fourth Reich.
Any eurozone problem is interpreted as a consequence of the lack of
harmonization and leads to another wave of a creeping harmonization. Following
every crisis meeting with Napoleon Sarko, Chancellor Merkel always declares that
coordinating tax policies and labor laws is not just about currency issues but
also about political cooperation, which has to be deepened. In other words,
more enslavement to Brussels, transforming the confederation to a federation!

Barroso declares that even though Fourthreichains cannot afford to buy most
groceries, they can at least buy Brussels sprouts! Eurokleptocracy,
gigaregulation, Antitrust Armageddon, and gigataxation, especially VAT, are the
real causes of the European financial meltdown. Fourth Reich(EU), an unvoted
illegal confederation, cannot protect Europeans from Eurokleptocrats, especially
Graecokleptocrats, and police brutes, especially Graecocybercops.
Fourthreichian Premier Barroso condones the disgusting Graecokleptocrats who
accuse dissident bloggers of treason, confiscate their computers, and lock them
is jail! http://venitism.blogspot.com

Beans is the national food of the Cradle of Kleptocracy, but now Troika ordered
Greeks too switch their diet to Brussels sprouts! The freakish October-18 mafia
robs computers and terrorizes the blogosphere! Why on Earth Durao Barroso,
Neelie Kroes, Viviane Reding, and Cecilia Malmstroem of the European Commission
cannot rein in Graecokleptocrats? If Fourth Reich cannot protect Greeks from
October-18 mafiosi, who will? Greek dissident bloggers want back their stolen
computers, their stolen files, their stolen personal data, and their stolen
lives. Restitution is a basic right in a civil society. Brutal Graecocybercops
should be abolished now. http://venitism.blogspot.com

Nevertheless, there are no Brussels sprouts on the gravy train! Most MEPs want
an end to the practice of meeting in both Brussels and Strasbourg. Opponents of
the two-city system want Brussels to be the Eldorado of Prostitutes' sole venue,
but Napoleon Sarko resists. Although most working sessions take place in
Brussels, Strasbourg currently hosts four full Eldorado of Prostitutes sessions
each month under a concession granted to France in 1992. Travel between Brussels
and Strasbourg for 750 MEPs and thousands of their staff, riding the infamous
exclusive gravy train, costs half billion euros each year. There have been
repeated campaigns to change the system, but this would require all Fourth Reich
countries to approve the move.


Screaming in the dark of jail
Guards pretending they are deaf
I am a girl, I am frail
I am missing my Jeff.

Cannot live on Brussels sprouts
Brussels slave I'm not
Venitists will take me out
Getting rid of my yoke

October 18: International Day Against Cybercop Brutality
October-18 Mafia: Government of Greece
Cradle of Kleptocracy: Greece
Grand Brothel on Syntagma Square: Parliament of Greece
Eldorado of Prostitutes: European Parliament
Fourth Reich: European Union
Marilizardism: terrorizing dissident bloggers
Xenoyankism: stupid foreign policy

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