Tuesday, November 6, 2012


European Parliament (EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, holds its mumbo jumbo
sessions in two babel towers, baring its socialistic soul. MEPs, muppets of EP,
always try to outperform each other in stupid socialistic ideas. The muppet
show is always biased towards socialism and spending. Socialist muppet Martin
Schulz, madam of the Eldorado of Prostitutes, always bullshits about solidarity
and the need for more spending.

Most MEPs want an end to the practice of also meeting in the Tower of Babel in
Strasbourg. Opponents of the two-city system want Brussels to be EP's sole
venue, but Hollande resists. Although most working sessions take place in
Brussels, Strasbourg currently hosts four full EP sessions each month under a
concession granted to France in 1992.

Travel between Brussels and Strasbourg for 750 MEPs and thousands of their
staff, riding the infamous exclusive gravy train, costs half billion euros each
year. There have been repeated campaigns to change the system, but this would
require all Fourth Reich countries to approve the move. Fourth Reich cannot
justify having two parliament buildings at the height of eurocrisis.

It's absurd what's happening every day in the European Parliament (EP). All
MEPs know English, but they all pretend they do not know English! They are
instructed by their home countries to use their mother tongue for propaganda
purposes and in order to employ native translators. Sounding the EP chamber
with a native language shows vanity, stupidity, and squander of taxpayers'
hard-earned money.

The chamber of the Eldorado of Prostitutes is usually empty. The muppets come
for a minute to punch their cards for extra money, and then they disappear,
rushing to pullpeddlers who wine and dine them, with huge bribes under the
table! The few present muppets feel so bored that they take a nap on their

The home of the Eldorado of Prostitutes is in Brussels, close to other key EU
institutions, the European Commission and the European Council. However, to
satify French vanity, the entire Eldorado of Prostitutes is obliged to also hold
plenary sessions in Strasbourg.

Two million Fourthreichians have already signed a petition calling for a single
Eldorado of Prostitutes building in Brussels. The problem is Strasbourg sessions
are enshrined in the treaties. France has consistently blocked any attempt to
change the treaties. The treaties can only be changed by member states by
unanimity and we know France is blocking this procedure.

It's impossible to dispute that Strasbourg is a beautiful city. Its historic
center, with its beautiful timber buildings, quaint streets and towering Gothic
Cathedral, has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Those who own
businesses in Strasbourg are deeply concerned about the potential loss of
revenue resulting from the loss of the parliament. Hotels and restaurants are
routinely booked out when the politicians, lobbyists and journalists are in

Fourth Reich was not initiated on March 25, 1957 in Rome, but on August 10, 1944
in Strasbourg! Fourth Reich originates from the Red House Report, a detailed
account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg, a couple of
blocks from today's Eldorado of Prostitutes (EP), on August 10, 1944. There,
Nazi officials instructed an elite group of German industrialists to plan for
Germany's post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis' return to power, and work
for a strong Fourth Reich.

The three-page, closely typed report, marked Secret, copied by British spies and
sent to the US Secretary of State, detailed how the industrialists were to work
with the Nazi Party to rebuild Germany's economy by sending money through
Switzerland. They would set up a network of secret front companies abroad, wait
until conditions were right, and then grab power with various hoodwinking

A muppet gets fifteen thousand euros per month. It is very shocking that a large
number of muppets earn an average additional income of ten thousand euros per
month in all sorts of extra jobs, and God only knows of their bribes.

MEP Ernst Strasser has been charged in Vienna with corruption. Strasser is one
of many MEPs caught up in cash-for-laws scandals. Strasser was accused of
bribe-taking after a 15-month investigation spanning five countries, in which
Austrian authorities questioned 90 people, carried out house searches and
examined various bank accounts. He faces up to 10 years in jail.

Strasser asked for a 100,000 euro annual kickback in exchange for influencing EU
legislation in the European Parliament (EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes. The
indictment was triggered by the Sunday Times investigation, in which two
journalists posing as pullpeddlers met Strasser and other MEPs. Strasser and
Slovenian MEP Zoran Thaler resigned after the revelations. A third, Romanian MEP
Adrian Severin, was expelled from the center-left Socialists and Democrats (S&D)
bloc in the parliament, but remains an independent MEP.

One popular haunt of muppets is the Treviso Hotel on Place Stephanie in the
expensive and trendy Ixelles area of Brussels. The love hotel bills itself as a
venue for couples with room service and discretion assured in glamorous rooms
rented out at 100 euros an hour.

Anne De Schepper, the hotel's manager, points out the long lunch break is the
preferred time of day for her clientele of muppets to commit adultery, courtesy
of pullpeddlers. Muppets and other Eurokleptocrats are 80 per cent of Treviso
Hotel's business, most of it paid by pullpeddlers. Unlike the traditional hotel
industry, Treviso Hotel has not experienced the economic crisis thanks to
Eurokleptocrats and pullpeddlers. Treviso Hotel is busiest at lunch time,
followed by early evening in between the end of office hours and the time
muppets need to get back to their spouses.

Muppets are told to beware the charms of Mata Hari type sirens trading sex for
Fourth Reich secrets and business. The European Commission circulates a
memorandum warning that middle-aged muppets are particularly susceptible to long
legs and blonde hair!

OLAF's mission is fighting fraud, corruption and any other illegal activity
affecting the financial interests of Fourth Reich, including misconduct within
the Fourthreichian Institutions. OLAF is part of the European Commission, but
remains independent in its operational and investigative functions. But the
Eldorado of Prostitutes (EP) refuses to be investigated by OLAF!

The declarations of EP have no legislative force, and are utterly ineffectual,
unless they have been solicited by the European Commission (EC), in support of
policies, which EC has already decided to adopt. EP cannot propose legislation,
nor require EC to propose it, nor substantially amend the EC's proposals unless
EC allows it to do so. EC has sole right of legislative proposal. EP is
therefore a fake parliament, which functions as a propaganda arm of EC. This
makes Fourth Reich about as democratic and dangerous, as was the Soviet Union.
It also means that writing to MEPs is a complete waste of time.

The Commission can adopt laws via either a delegated act or an implementing act.
In the former case, it is not necessary to involve an expert committee or engage
in any consultations. The European Parliament merely has a right of revocation
and a deadline for objections. In the case of implementation authority, the
Commission must consult with a committee consisting of representatives of the
member states. Depending on the procedure, this committee can obstruct
Commission proposals or merely provide consultation, but it doesn't have a veto.
Lawmakers decide on which procedure will apply in a given case.

If the European Parliament or the Council of the European Union wants to reject
a measure, it will have to come up with a majority against it. If no one takes
action, the provision automatically takes effect after a predetermined time
period. This presents an insurmountable hurdle. Neither the Council of the
European Union nor the European Parliament has the muscle to oppose the power of

Instead of enacting laws, MEPs block them. The EP procedures are difficult to
reconcile with the fundamental principles of democracy. The ability to monitor
decisions depends heavily on the commitment of individual members. The flood of
information is increasingly overwhelming even the most industrious. Fourth Reich
has now become too complex for a democracy.

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